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Our Services

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Virtual Office in China

We make our facilities in China available to you as your own office, with a postal address and a telephone number, as well as telephone service during office hours.

Likewise, it includes the coordination of any matter that requires dealing directly with your suppliers or clients.

We also offer you our portfolio of services at preferential costs, or put together a package of services tailored to your needs in a monthly payment scheme.

Shipping Inspection

With the shipment inspection, the load of your order in the chosen means of transport is verified in person, including reviews and quality tests on the product based on random samples. The shipment inspection is performed based on the Military STD, we review with the client the desired AQL% and we carry out the inspection based on random sampling, once completed we deliver a well detailed and concrete report to the client and we can also carry out the inspection by means of a video call, so that the client can contribute some concern.

Production Inspection

Through production inspections, the status of your order is verified in person, either at a certain time or with periodic inspections as production progresses, for information and monitoring purposes, or to alert of potential situations that could influence the same. Product quality reviews and tests based on random samples are also included, and the company’s responsiveness is determined.

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